Lav beer

Lav is a beer from Serbia. Right now they have more than 130 000 fans on their Facebook page. Lav is very popular in their geographical area. Even though, Lav is distributing their beer in several countries , but they have just one universal Facebook page.

In the beginning of 2014. Lav has started a promotion, in which Facebook fans could get a free beer kegerator. However, they had a problem with the promotion, because the campaign should have been available only for Bosnia and Herzegovina customers. Facebook fans outside of Bosnia and Herzegovina shouldn’t have been able to see the promotional material.

To solve this problem of accessibility of the promotional materials, Lav decide to use the Facebook application (Static Image Facebook Application), where the solution was the campaign eligibility function, which allowed the page administrator to configure the app in a way, that the app is available only for users from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The promotion is still active. In just one month more than 1900 users used the application (saw the image). The page administrator gets inquiries only from Bosnia and Herzegovina users which makes his communication with fans a lot easier. Before the campaign started, Lav had 115 000 Facebook fans, meanwhile in just one month since the application is active, the number of fans rose to 130 000. That’s 15 000 new fans in one month. In the end the biggest campaign result is that numerous satisfied users are enjoying a delicious cold beer in their homes, right now. :)