Functional redesign of Facebook Page V FORMI Z ALENKO KOŠIR

Alenka Košir is a sports coach with her own training program VIIT® Alenka Košir, which includes various elements of functional training, metabolic training, yoga, pilates, athletics, gymnastics, balet and rythmics. Key goal of training is getting in good shape and about getting better physical condition. Her philosophy is all about proper training, organic food & healthy lifestyle.

Alenka uses Facebook as a main channel for presenting her philosophy and to engage with her fans and trainees. Her Facebook page (V Formi z Alenko Košir) displays various information: pictures from trainings, healthy and easy recipes, training timetables and prices for all locations and other info related to the category.

Her fans/followers are highly engaged (engagement levels for each post are very high) but the type of content presentation (via generic Facebook tab like Photos and via posts) generated a couple of issues.

Main problem was that all the key info (training timetables/locations, recipes, order a recipe booklet, order a gift voucher) was presented only via post with photos. Consequently all the key info was presented on a timeline and in the generic tab Photos.

Before the redesign

Followers therefore had the problem with finding the specific recipe or practical infos on training for specific location. The only way of finding this information was by scrolling the timeline, by scrolling the pictures in the Pictures tab or by asking a question in the FB message/comment/post. Hence her message board was jammed with questions, taking valuable time to answer. Besides that we wanted to help with two additional tasks: provide the means to apply for a job (as Alenka was searching for a business assistant) & to generate sales of Recipe Booklet via Facebook page.

After redesign

3 different appssolut applications jumped to the rescue:


Reason why: with the application we wanted to put all the informations about training locations, pricelists, etc. into one space & exposing it as one of the key tabs.


Reason why: job application was a simple solution to collect the applicant, who needed to send their CV and motivational letter.


Reason why: Contact us application (which usually gives customers an option to ask a question) was in a way that users could order a Recipe Booklet. 


Functional redesign brought desired effect and reached the goals:

LESS QUESTIONS ABOUT  TRAINING LOCATIONS: with the app which displayed all the training locations & pricelists, users got the information faster.  And more importantly: numbers of location related questions decreased.

COLLECTED JOB APPLICANTS: job application app was only way to apply for a job & it successfully delivered the pool of applicants.

SOLD RECIPE BOOKLET VIA FB PAGE: app gives the users a possibility to order the recipe booklet. In just 3 weeks the order app realized (without any advertising!)  4200% ROI. The value of Facebook sales overcame the value of sales generated from traditional channels.