Application Package for Politics and Governance

Target your constituents with your Facebook page & appssolut applications

The best of appssolut for politics and governance is an applications & services package that gives you a unique opportunity to contact hard-to-reach voters, favorably impact decisions of your constituents and create dialogue and goodwill that then translates to votes. Use it to build fan base, increase database of voters and make every fan on your Facebook page count.


1. Set of apps for effective presence on Facebook

2. appssolut services completely free of charge in this special offer:

a. Prize winning game or contest ideas for up to 3 social games from our offer designed according to your graphic standards

b. Devoted contact in appssolut team who will help you find right tools and then design, edit and publish your applications


GAMES & CONTESTS – choose up to 3 social games, such as Photo competition, Video competition, Memory Game, etc., and bring more fun to your Facebook page

GET TO KNOW US (About us app) – let your fans get to know you much better, by designing a special tab where you can share key points of your program and/or initiatives your are supporting and standing for

OUR PROGRAM (Content Gallery app) – display in more details your program platform and initiatives

OUR MEMBERS (Photo Gallery app) – use photo gallery to arrange images of your party candidates or institution members and enable better, simpler navigation. Also provide photos of your events, conferences

LEARN MORE (Sign up for Newsletter app) – increase your database by encouraging fans to become e-mail subscribers and receive your latest newsletter with info on your activities, programs, initiatives

YOU HAVE A QUESTION? (Contact us app) - allow constituents to contact you and ask any questions they might have regarding your program, activities, initiatives, events

COFFEE WITH (Contact us app) – offer constituents a chance to meet candidates or government officials and debate with them on most important issues in the community

JOIN US (Job application app) – invite constituents to join the party and increase number of supporters and potential voters

BECOME A VOLUNTEER (Job application app) - use Facebook as a perfect recruitment channel for new constituents to volunteer during campaign or program implementation

SOCIAL MEDIA APP - display your brand presence across multiple social media channels and integrate content of your YouTube or Instagram account with your Facebook Page



appssolut team will come up with creative concepts, ideas and mechanics that will help you use desired games & contests in the package to your best advantage and great results.


Provide first time design of all package elements (Fan Gate, Header banner, Font editing, Buttons and Background adjustments)

Perform application testing & publishing

Provide first time writing of about us section and privacy texts following your inputs

Take care of Contest or Game concept and idea, including writing the rules and policies (excluding contest management on your Facebook Page)

Ensure technical support during purchase period