Application Package For Games&Contests

Your Facebook page and appssolut applications – a win-win situation

The Games & Contests applications package gives you a chance to engage your target audience in a captivating activity and increase your customer base when people share your competition and ask their social circle to join in. Use it to build fan base and give your fans a memorable experience that will have a great impact on your image and sales.


1. Set of apps for effective presence on Facebook

2. appssolut services completely free of charge in this special offer:

a. Prize winning game or contest ideas for social games from our offer designed according to your graphic standards

b. Devoted contact in appssolut team who will help you find right tools and then design, edit and publish your applications


PHOTO COMPETITION – Define competition theme relevant to your brand, offer great prizes and invite your fans to upload photo in line with the theme and participate in the competition. Encourage fans to invite their Facebook friends to vote for their entry and share word of mouth about your game.

VIDEO COMPETITION – You want to upgrade competition mechanics and encourage fans to express themselves through video format? Choose video competition and invite fans to upload video materials, participate in the contest and invite friends to vote for their entry.

SIGN IN AND WIN – Sweepstakes application is easiest way to increase fan base or reward faithful customers.  All they need to do is become Facebook Page fans, fill out entry form with basic info and wait for a random selection of winners for a chance to get great prizes.

EDIT PHOTO – Edit photo application allows fans to decorate image you provide with different branded decorations of your choice, create unique, personal collage and share the new image on their Timeline.

INVITE CONTEST – Simple and extremely viral way to increase number of fans allows you to choose an interesting topic or cause and let your fans compete on the number of friends that will accept their invitation to your FB page and become your new fans

PERSONALITY QUIZ – Great marketing tool where people feel like they are playing a game when they are actually being reminded about your brand. They need to answer several pre-defined questions, read a definition of their true or funny personality, post results on their profile and invite friends to compare.

KNOWLEDGE QUIZ – Communicate more information about your company through fun and engaging quiz that will test the level of knowledge people have about your products and brands.

MEMORY GAME – Engage your fans by challenging their memory and concentration abilities using three levels of game difficulty that can be visually adjusted to your brand, products and wishes



appssolut team will come up with creative concepts, ideas and mechanics that will help you use desired games & contests in the package to your best advantage and great results.


Provide first time design of all package elements (Fan Gate, Header banner, Font editing, Buttons and Background adjustments)

Perform application testing & publishing Provide first time writing of texts following your inputs

Take care of Contest or Game concept and idea, including writing the rules and policies (excluding contest management on your Facebook Page)

Ensure technical support during purchase period