Check the Social Media Changes in November!

Want to know what’s new in the Social media world in November? We can tell you that it hasn’t been such an eventful month, but still, let’s take a look.

1.  Instagram tested multi-account support for android app

It seems that Instagram has been testing multiple account support with select users of its Android application.

According to some sources, users with version 7.12.0 of the Instagram Android app have been given the option to select another account or create one, after which they gain access to a selector next to the account nickname atop their profile pages, enabling them to seamlessly switch from account to account.

The iOS users might wait a bit longer for this option because no test of this kind have been announced for the iOS.

We are sure that all social media mangers are really looking forward to this option.

2.  Is Facebook testing a new Call-To-Action option?

Facebook has been experimenting with a different type of Call-To-Action button for video ads.

Some Facebook users have noticed the “tap to go to this site” Call-To-Action on the video.

This sounds like a great option, and we hope that it will be available soon. Have you seen such a Call-To-Action appearing on your News Feed?

3.  Facebook tested new admin panel for messages by pages

In November Facebook started testing the new panel for messages by pages, making it more appealing and more similar to the user interface of chat and messaging applications, but as well as the messenger appearance itself.

Have you seen this option? We have on one of the pages we are managing and we really liked it.

4. Facebook removed the oCPM bidding option

Facebook has been making some changes in its ads section, and this time Optimized cost per thousand impressions (oCPM) got removed.

Advertisers can still create combinations, such as optimizing for conversions and bidding for impressions, and adding that they now have three choices to make: what to optimize for, how much to bid and when they get charged.

We recommend you to explore all the remaining options, in case you haven’t so far.

Facebook added holiday Shopping Season Ad-Targeting Segment

Holidays are coming and Facebook had a nice response on that fact-for the marketers. There is a whole segment of people constantly looking for holiday’s related content, and now Facebook will “use that against them” and be able to offer the ads related to holidays shopping, discounts and other holidays related content.

A new ad-targeting segment enabled brands to reach users who are “highly engaged” with content related to the holiday shopping season. Facebook ran the segment from Thanksgiving and it will continue through New Year’s Day.

We are happy to see that this kind of option was introduced, and what about you?

Facebook is testing Fundraising tool-improved Donate button

It has been announced that Facebook is testing a new fundraising tool for nonprofits, and that is improving the Donate button.

The new features are being tested by 38 nonprofit organizations, and we can expect them to be available worldwide very soon.

Have you used the Donate Button already for your nonprofit?

Facebook has changed its conversion pixel

Facebook has introduced the new “one-pixel solution” which makes it easier for marketers to monitor and measure conversion from Facebook users.

So, what really changed? Now each ad account has only one pixel code associated with it. This new Facebook pixel can be installed on multiple websites and the sites can be tracked separately, but the code that is being used is always the same.

This is a great news indeed, and we can’t wait to test this new pixel option.

That is all for November social media changes, but we are sure looking forward to the holiday season in December of 2015.