10 Inspiring TED talks you shouldn't have missed on – Part 2

Continuing on our latest post, we bring you the next 5 TED talks that should inspire and motivate you for the days to come. Enjoy!

6. 10 simple time saving tips for computer, web and smartphone

David Pogue shares 10 effective time saving tips for your computer, web and smartphone so you can do more of what is truly important for you.

7. The birth of a word

Deb Roy gives you some mind-blowing data visualization as he charts his son's language acquisition. He explains the larger implications of applying his language analytics to news, TV and social media — and the emerging social structures we see as a result.

8. Why are there too few woman leaders?

The author of Lean In, Sheryl Sandberg, gives a TED talk about the glaring lack of women in leadership roles in the workplace. She puts light on some differences between men and women in the office and provides aspiring female business leaders with a few handy tips to take their career to the next level.

9. Love, No Matter What

An unbelievably moving talk by Andrew Solomon addresses how diagnosis of an illness can affect identity. He explores of vertical and horizontal identities, and discusses homosexuality, dwarfism and Downs Syndrome. "People engage with the life they have, and they don't want to be cured, or changed or eliminated — they want to be whoever it is that they've come to be," he says.

10. Every Kid Needs a Champion

Rita Pierson is one of the most inspiring speakers TED has ever hosted. She talks about the importance of connections and relationships in education and how every child deserves to have someone who believes in them utterly. Take a listen since you will not regret it.