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Vote & Win - Photo Voting Facebook application

Facebook Photo voting application is a great way to enable your fans to vote for photos that you posted as an administrator (for example: vote for the best makeup style, and win great prizes!)

In this way, you are constantly in a direct interaction with your fans.

What’s specific about this application is that only the administrator can post pictures giving users a chance to vote for the best ones.

For example: As an administrator you received a lot of images via e-mail for a specific competition. Once you’ve selected pictures for the competition and uploaded them to the application, users will have a chance to vote for the best ones (for example: Vote for the one you like and win great prizes).

The difference between this application and photo competition application is that here only the administrator is authorized to upload photos. This application can boost the engagement level on your page and help you reward your fans for their interaction.

Reward those who voted first for a winning item/photo.

Product features:

  • Engage Page
  • Invite friends option
  • Database export
  • Targeting
  • Mobile version
  • Broad design options
  • Language adaptations
  • Content Control
  • Custom Entry form
  • Participation limitation
  • Winners page


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