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Photos are what make Facebook so much fun! They generate 53% more likes than the average post and are uploaded or shared on Facebook at a rate of 3000 pictures per second. Until now the best way for you business to tap into this phenomenon was Photo Competition. But, what if you have already used this type of application and now look for a way to make the experience even more interesting?

appssolut has a new easy-to-use Drag and Drop photo editor app that will bring the Photo Competition to the whole new level! Fans are now able to express their creativity and participate in competition by editing and customizing photos with pre-designed elements, like frames or stickers. You can decide to have just one photo for editing or allow your fans to upload their own photos and edit them by simply dragging and dropping amazing pre-designed elements and effects. After that, all they have to do is share their work of art and word about your competition by inviting their friends to vote for them.

Drag and Drop application supports following photo and image file formats: BMP; GIF; JPG; JPE; JPEG; PNG; PSPIMAGE; THM; TIFF; YUV. 

Product features:
  Engage Page
  Invite friends option
  Database export
  Mobile version
  Broad design options
  Language adaptations
  Content Control
  Custom Entry form
  Participation limitation
  Winners page


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