In these challenging times, looking for coupons has made a huge comeback and isn't just a hobby reserved for housewives. According to a Nielson study of online consumers, coupons and other special offers are one of primary reasons people follow a brand, company or celebrity.

Your social media audience is waiting for you to offer them something – are you meeting their expectations?

appssolut Coupon App is easy to use and will allow you to create customizable coupons with unique one per user custom coupon codes. Offer one or more coupons per user and in return ask from them to like your Facebook page or share valuable info about your product.

As a result you will convert fans into customers, monetize your social media investment and expand your marketing database with contact information of promotion participants. Try it out and give your audience a sense of value from following your social presence.

Product Features:

  • Engage Page
  • Data Base Export
  • Targeting
  • Mobile Version
  • Broad Design Options
  • Language Adaptations
  • Publish Application to Web Page
  • Custom Order Form  
  • Coupon Limitation
  • Thank You Page
  • Automatic or Manual Coupon Code Generation
  • Recieve Coupon Via E-Mail

Note: For more info on coupon benefits take a look at this infographic .


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