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The e-commerce has revolutionized shopping making it possible to purchase everything you ever wanted without ever leaving your home. But how about taking it one step further and making the shopping possible without ever leaving the most popular page: Facebook?

More than 1,3 billion potential customers are already spending their time with your brand on Facebook. Why not make it easier for them to go from liking your post to actually buying your product?

If you already own an online store appssolut Facebook Shop App will help you bring it to life on Facebook. You can customize it according to your needs, display all of your products and link them to your online store.

In case you don’t have web shop but would like to start selling on Facebook all you have to do is upload products and publish app allowing your fans to fill out purchase orders. Export all orders from our analytics section and see for yourself that turning “Likes” to “Buys” has never been this easy.

Product Features

  • Data Base Export
  • Targeting
  • Mobile Version
  • Broad Design Options
  • Language Adaptations
  • Publish Application to Web Page
  • Custom Order Form
  • Redirect to existing web shop
  • Order forms for users who do not own web shop
  • Thank You Page


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