Personality Quiz

Personality Quiz Facebook application

In the beginning writing on virtual walls, being "poked" by friends or “tagged” on photos was entertainment enough for Facebook users. But today with more app support and more content sharing, Facebook is increasingly becoming a multimedia entertainment platform in which applications such as quizzes generate smashing records and more Facebook comment threads than any other viral post.

Our appssolut Personality Quiz app is a great marketing tool because people feel like they are playing a game when they are actually being reminded about your brand. The game-play is simple and similar to what you can find in many magazines: after answering several pre-defined questions, participants get to read a definition of their personality, post results on their profile and invite friends to compare. Just customize the app with different text and photos to make it fit your purpose and get ready to go viral in no time.

  • Engage Page
  • Invite Friends option
  • Data base export
  • Targeting
  • Mobile Version
  • Broad Design Options
  • Language Adaptations
  • Publish Application to Web Page
  • Custom Entry Form  
  • Participation limitation


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