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Facebook or website? A debate on what is better, smarter, cooler way to communicate with your customers is ongoing. Some will advise you to skip a website altogether in favor of a Facebook Page while others will tell you to focus your attention to where the people are at the moment - social media. For us, having to choose between the two sounded like a really bad idea so we have developed something that will help you enjoy benefits of both.

Content Gallery is our new app that serves as your mini website on Facebook. It’s perfect if you are looking for a savvy way to drive traffic from the Facebook Page to the companies’ website or just want to give more info to fans that rarely leave the social media zone. In our app you can publish content in up to 4 different categories you choose. You can run your blog, write about your successful projects or products, share tips and tricks and so much more. Whatever content you choose to share let it be relevant and interesting and we will make sure it’s redirected to your website for all those who want to know more.

Product Features
  Mobile Version
  Broad Design Options
  Language Adaptations
  Multimedia content


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