Knowledge Test

Knowledge Test/Quiz Facebook application

You are looking for a way to entertain your fans but also introduce your product or talk about your brand values? Since online quizzes have ability to lengthen the time users spend engaged with your brand and motivate them to learn more about your business we have decided to add another great member to our Quiz Family: the Knowledge Quiz.

Challenge your Facebook fans and their knowledge with this easy-to-use app that allows you to decide on everything from questions and answers, to the results and scoring. The Quiz is time-sensitive and based on selection of one right answer from multiple choices of answers to each pre-defined question related to your product, company or brand values. At the end of the Quiz each user can see his score and compare it with results of other users.

Product features:
  Engage page
Data base export
Mobile Version
Broad Design Options
Language Adaptations
Publish Application to Web Page
Custom Entry Form
  Participation limitation


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