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Inspire & Win - Multi Competition Facebook application

Facebook Multi Competition application is an excellent way to start building your Facebook Page. 

This application combines the most popular applications for photo, video, audio and essay competitions.

Facebook Multi Competition application is designed for creating multiple competitions during the rental period.

What does this mean? Imagine you intend to start a competition that will last 30 days. During the first 7 days you set the theme and invite your fans to upload their files which apply to the format you selected for the competition (photo, video, audio or text). 

After seven days your fans need to upload a different type of material, but for the same competition. 

There is no need to buy another application. Simply adjust the multi competition and organize a new competition, for uploading other types of materials.

After 2 weeks of uploading materials by users, you,  as the administrator of the competition, select 5 best pictures and audio files related to the topic of your competition and then your competition automatically moves to another feature – voting! 

Users who have entered the list of top 10 have the ability to invite their friends to vote for them, and higher number of votes increases a chance to win the competition. Of course, those who participate in the voting automatically get a chance to win valuable prizes.

The difference between this application and Facebook Pro Competition applications is that with this application, you have the option to choose whether you want to create competition for photo, video, audio or essay formats, while with the Facebook Pro Competition application you can use only the one you bought, and you do not have the ability to change formats during the rental period.

This application supports following file formats: 


Essay uploads: .txt and .html

Product features:

  • Engage page
  • Invite friends option
  • Database export
  • Targeting
  • Mobile version
  • Broad design options
  • Language adaptations
  • Content Control
  • Custom Entry form
  • Participation limitation
  • Winners page


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