Photo competition

Photo competition Facebook application

Facebook Photo Competition application is a great way to start building your Facebook Page. This application is one of the most popular ones to promote interaction with fans and can be used and adapted to almost any business industry.

With the use of Facebook Photo Competition application not only will you increase your fan base, but allow your fans to produce original content related to your brand.

How it works? First, you have to define competition theme relevant to your brand. Secondly, invite your fans to upload photo related to the competition topic and encourage them to invite their Facebook friends to vote for their entry (for example: Upload a photo and win great prizes).

A public vote, company jury, or both can select finalists and/or winners.

Facebook Photo Competition application supports following photo and image file formats: BMP; GIF; JPG; JPE; JPEG; PNG; PSPIMAGE; THM; TIFF; YUV.  

Product features:

  • Engage Page
  • Invite friends option
  • Database export
  • Targeting
  • Mobile version
  • Broad design options
  • Language adaptations
  • Content Control
  • Custom Entry form
  • Participation limitation
  • Winners page


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